6 Ways To Spend Less And Live More

Spending more money than you have is a bad thing, and saving is generally considered a good thing right? But it’s not exactly fun is it? Sometimes in life you have to choose between living in the now and saving for your future, and it’s not always an easy decision.

So here are 5 simple ways that you can save money without having to sacrifice those fun things that you would like to do more of.




1: Vacation out of season

Certain times of year are more expensive when it comes to going away. So try to go on vacation off peak when it’s cheaper. Cheaper means you can go for longer and still save money. It’s win win.

2: Airport parking

Parking at the airport is overpriced because of the convenience it brings. But in reality finding airport parking nearby is very easy and you can save a decent chunk of cash which you can spend on tacky souvenirs instead!

3: Plan ahead

The longer you have to plan your vacation the more you can shop around for a good deal. Get everything planned ahead and take your pick of the best deals whilst avoiding wasting money.


Going Out/Staying In:

4: Cook at home

cook at home

This might seem like a compromise, but if you take the money you would have spent eating out and spend it on nice food to eat in you can often make a full evening of it, get more food and more variety and you’ll even save money.

5: Sign up for discounts

Set up a spare email address, and start hunting around for discounts. It is actually pretty easy to find various mailing lists which will regularly tell you about discounts and special offers that are available near you.

If you try to avoid going out anywhere where you don’t have a discount you will soon find you can afford to go out more often and you will also be forced to try more new things depending on what is on offer.

The Bits You Have To Buy:

6: Shop for discounts

When you go to the store, go with a list and avoid impulse buys. When you find an item on the list note down how much it costs. By doing this you will start to get to know how much things should cost and you will soon be able to spot a bargain when one appears. By saving money on stuff you buy any way you can spend more on the little luxuries.
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