What Is Identity Guard ID Theft Protection?

The reality of life is that identity thieves are becoming more and more creative when it comes to stealing your life. You can’t open a newspaper, read a magazine, or turn on the TV and not read at some point how people have had their lives literally stolen away from them by many unscrupulous identity thieves. As this problem continues to grow it is becoming increasingly necessary for many people to seek out some sort of ID theft protection.

A National Problem

As the information age continues to march on, the field of information crime seems to expand with it. It has become such a major financial problem across the country that some have considered it to be a financial epidemic. Billions of dollars are lost every year as a result of identities being stolen. You may be wondering then if it is worth it to spend the few extra dollars a month for ID protection. Here are some of the services they offer based on the fees that you may have to pay.

Free Services

By law, everyone is entitled to a free credit report every year. You can also get a free copy if you’ve been denied credit or if you have been found to be a victim of identity theft. These reports come from the three top credit reporting agencies and can be very helpful in letting you determine if you have been targeted. They can also offer some level of free monitoring but it may be very limited.

For a Nominal Fee

If the free market options do not offer you adequate protection then your next group of services includes a number of low fee options. For $5 – $20 a month, you can expect to get monitoring services that provide red flag alerts whenever changes occur in your report. These may come in the form of an email or a phone call to tell you about the suspicious activity. Once you receive this type of notice, it will be up to you to determine if the threat is real or not and take the necessary steps to correct it. They may also include online tools to help you improve your present credit rating. Some of these services include special security software along with public records searches as well.

Fraud Alerts

For just a little bit more money each month, you can take advantage of ID theft services that also include fraud alerts. By placing a temporary fraud alert on your account it then requires lenders to verify your identity and authorization before issuing any new credit in your name. The verification process could include answering questions that only you should know, providing proper identification or responding to the request by mail.

At the top of the line, you’ll find additional services that include recovery assistance for those who have already fallen victim to some sort of Identity Guard ID theft. These could include assistance in reporting lost or stolen credit cards, replacement of personal identification or even insurance to cover the losses that may be incurred as a result of being an identity theft victim.


Promo Codes to Save Big on Lifelock ID Protection

Finding the right ID theft protection for your particular needs will require that you evaluate the many different offers and compare them to your personal circumstances.

Is A Residence Club For You?

Buying a vacation home can be the dream of a lifetime. Yet for some, it can turn into a nightmare if owning two homes becomes a psychological and financial burden. If you find yourself fretting about how to take care of the second home, how to rent it out, how to pay for costs and upkeep, exclusive residence clubs may be your solution.

What is an exclusive residence club? At the simplest level, it is a way to have a luxury vacation in very exclusive, high quality resort homes without the expense or hassle of owning them. Frequently residence clubs offer fully furnished properties worth between $2.5 and $5 million.

residence club
residence club

Since the vacation club industry is not yet regulated, there are a plethora of offerings and terms, such as residence clubs, destination clubs, fractionals and timeshares. Even the term “residence club” can describe different solutions to the vacation dilemma. One way to distinguish between clubs is whether they are deeded or not deeded. In simple terms this means, do you actually own anything physical or do you own the right to use something without any equity?


Common examples of ‘deeded’ residence clubs are found in some of the luxury hotel complexes built near resorts. Clubs such as the Four Seasons Residence Clubs or the Ritz-Carleton clubs are very similar to “fractional ownership.” You get all the resort style amenities, and you engage in a deeded real estate transaction that gives you use in perpetuity. The amount of time you can use the property is proportionate to the amount of money you invest. You own one particular property and can exchange time with other property owners in different locations in the same chain. For example, Four Seasons has clubs in San Diego, Scottsdale, Jackson Hole and Punta Mita, Mexico. When you are not using the property it is rented to other members in the club.

There are pros and cons to deeded clubs. Because they are deeded, you can obtain financing for the purchase, as if you were purchasing your own second home. This makes the second home more affordable. At the same time, since you purchase the share, getting your money back requires that your share in the property can be sold. This may not happen as quickly and easily as you would like.

In addition to hotel-like homes, several exclusive resort clubs offer stand-alone luxury homes in resort communities. For example the Crescent Club members own a one sixth deeded interest in a home, and can use any homes in the network. As they explain on their web site, they use a rotating priority reservation system when the request to use the property collides among owners.


In a non-deeded exclusive residence club, you have no equity, and you own no property. Some examples of non-deeded clubs are Exclusive Resorts, PortoFino and Private Retreats. As with fractionals and deeded clubs, the number of usage days you are allowed differs from club to club.

Since price is comparable (if not a bit higher) to deeded or fractional clubs, you might wonder what the benefit is of the non-deeded club. One big benefit is the liquidity of your money. Unlike fractionals, when you want to get out of a non-deeded residence club, the upfront investment (membership fee) is refunded up to 100% depending on the club. Many of the non-deeded clubs offer a wider range of home types and services, including boats and planes.

Comparing Clubs
When comparing clubs, first look at the depth and scope of properties. Are there are variety of locations? In each location, are there multiple homes? For example, Exclusive Resorts has 90 residences in 22 destinations, with multiple homes in each destination. This means when you select your destination, it is more likely you will be able to find a home.

Another factor is how many club members there are. This indicates how much competition there is when planning your vacation. Find out how the club manages conflicting demands. Also, how many days per year can you use the home for the basic yearly fee? Finally, what services do you want, and what is offered? Do you want travel services to plan each part of your vacation, do you need sports equipment provided, etc. Make a list of all your dream needs. For the price you will be paying, every need should be attended to. The differentiator between some of the clubs is often related to the variety of additional travel services they provide, other than a great place to sleep. Check whether your club focuses on the quality of the residence, or the quality of the service, and match it to your needs.

Here’s how some top clubs compare in pricing, based on information on their websites:

Name Deeded? Membership
# of
# of
# of
Return of
Crescent Club Yes $370,000 $12,500 56 6 no info online upon sale
Exclusive Resorts No $375,000 $19,000 60 90 500 80%
Portofino Club No $210,000 $15,000 42 17 80 80%
Private Retreats
No (no info
(no info
unlimited 73 400 100%


Financial Benefits
The main benefit for residence clubs is that you can have access to property you might not otherwise afford. For example, if the home cost $2.5 million, you need $500,000 just to get started with the 20% down payment. Most club fees are in the $300,000 bracket. In addition, payments on a mortgage of a $2.5 million home, plus homeowners fees, maintenance, taxes etc, could run up as high as $100,000 a year, while the yearly membership dues are typically under $20,000. In addition, most clubs are renting villas that might commonly rent from $1000 to $3000 per night, assuming you could actually find them. Club membership offers much less expensive nightly outlay.

Intangible Benefits
People who are devoted to residence clubs love the ability to go anywhere they choose, rather than just one vacation spot. You can choose to have ‘endless summer’ vacations by picking only summer spots, or go for endless skiing, following the snow. The more locations the club has, the greater your flexibility. In addition, all the hassles and worry of home ownership are totally gone. You have great locations, no hassle ownership and best of all, your dream vacation home whenever and wherever you want it. If you want luxury and variety all the time, check into residence clubs. It may be just the solution for your second home.

Decision That Leaves Potential Homeowners In A Quandary

One of the most difficult decisions that many of us have to make when we choose to fly the nest is whether we should purchase our own home or rent a property until our financial affairs are in a better state. Well, if you need a little help in making your decision, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is an iPhone app that can aid you to the perfect resolution.

Mortgage or Rent

The app has been aptly named “Mortgage or Rent” and will help you to reach the right decision, as to whether you should you should invest in real estate or wait until a better opportunity arises.

  • Download the app
  • Enter the purchase price of a property you would potentially like to buy.
  • Enter a rental figure that similar properties would cost.
  • Enter a third of your monthly income, which is typically what mortgage lenders estimate should be your disposable income on a monthly basis.
  • Enter the amount of savings you have that you would use as a deposit.

These are the initial “personal” details you will need to enter, then you will be required to input information pertaining to your mortgage loan, including:

  • The amount of money you will require for mortgage-related taxes and insurances.
  • The interest rate at which your mortgage loan has been offered.
  • The expected rate of inflation during the term of your loan, typically over 10, 15, 20 25 or 30 years.

Two Possible Scenarios

You will then be presented with two possible scenarios:

  • Firstly, the app will look at a mortgage. All your savings will be put into a deposit on your loan and the majority of your disposable income will be used within your monthly mortgage payment.
  • The second scenario will invest your savings into an account which yields an interest rate comparable to the rate of inflation. It will then use a portion of your disposable income towards rent, whereas the rest will again be invested.

You will then be presented with two graphs showing your balances over the following ten years. The red graph will calculate your increasing property value compared to your decreasing mortgage loan amount – whereas, the green graph will calculate the value of your investments over the same 10-year period.

The app also allows you to make calculations based on differing values of inflation. Remember the value of property can go down as well as up, and your salary is likely to increase over the 10 years as well. You have the ability to manually input both property value and income figures, thus giving you a true reflection of what might occur over time.

The Mortgage or Rent App

mortgage apps
mortgage apps


The app is free and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will require an operating system of iOS 3.0 or later. The tool is specifically aimed at helping you reach your decision on whether a mortgage or renting is more financially viable for you at this precise moment in time.

Today’s guest author, Bob Peters, is a broker working for Benson Mortgages, leading mortgage lenders in Toronto. He is an avid tech blogger and has a large number of loyal readers on various online blogging platforms.

Why Are Gas Price Going Up and Down?

Gas Prices Sky Rocket Causing Chaos

drill oil
drill oil

Despite the gas price is dropping or increasing, most countries are still need to pay for high gas price. The price of gas is no-doubt crippling everyone’s bank accounts, and it sounds like it might get worse.

The ever-increasing cost of gasoline is having an effect that is difficult to ignore. The very lifestyles of people around the world are changing because of it. The governments at national and local levels are all making adjustments to help with the blow of these increasing costs.

County and city officials have decided to go to four day, ten hour work weeks in order to help offset the ever increasing cost of gasoline. This change was made in an attempt to help the employees save one day from driving and to cut down on the amount of time that county and city vehicles are on the road. Garbage collection has gone from twice a week to once a week with the assignments of larger garbage cans to residents in order to make this possible. The post office is even contemplating going to a five day work week. For years we have depended on a six day mail delivery and now there is a chance that it is no longer going to be the case.

There are areas that are taking police out of their patrol cars and putting on foot. This not only increases the visibility but cuts down on the amount of gasoline used for them to patrol downtown areas.

The reasons for these proposed and already incorporated changes? The fact that half way through the finical year these organizations are already over the budget allotted them for gasoline. These aren’t the only areas that have been affected. School children are being affected as well. Field trips that were once a part of the normal school routine are now being looked at as an extravagance. The chance of them being cut out is a real possibility.

Simple Demand and Supply

The current drop of oil price is due to the OPEC didn’t cut down their supply. As the market is now having a little of oversupply of oil, this caused the oil price to drop to a low level. OPEC is consist of 12 members, which are include of Angola, Algeria, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Ecuador, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.

demand and supply
demand and supply

However, once The OPEC that supply most of the oil consumption in the world start to reduce their oil production, the price will rise again. And if the organization remains the production at low level for some times and result in a shortage of world supply of oil, a high demand will make the gas price going up again.

Selfish Politician

Unfortunately, Big Oil is too powerful and has too many politicians in its pockets for things to change. Big Oil doesn’t want efficient cars–best case in point: in the early 90s, Mitsubishi brought to their Cypress, California headquarters for testing an electric car that was self-recharging for testing. Within 24 hours it was destroyed by a firebomb.

The Effects

When gas price is high, many people are forced to live with their parents until they saved enough money to buy a house closer to work because average people is spending approximately $400 a month just at the pump. That is just a little less than what most people pay for their monthly mortgage! And it would come out to equal $4800 a year– just to be able to drive.

Moving isn’t the only thing most people do to accommodate the rising cost of gasoline. Some people used to go out to dinner or buy take-out once or twice a week. But they are forced to cut it down to one time or not at all within a couple of weeks. Some are cut their grocery list down to the bare minimum by simply stick to the basics: milk, bread, meat and cheese, juices, cereal, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.

Some people haven’t bought any new clothes for almost a year (except maybe socks or underwear–again, the basics). A night out together is very rare; only when they have managed to rack up some overtime from work or when it’s income tax return time (or when it doesn’t involve spending money).

Gas Prices Affecting Everything: Even Social Networking Sites?

Previously, there was an interesting thing been on the rise on social media. Facebook groups that supposedly have solutions to rising gas prices have started to pop up all over the place.

Back then, when you type in “Gas Prices” into the “Search” box on Facebook and over 500 results show up with many stating things such as “Amazing New Way to Lower Gas Prices” or “Help Make Gas Prices Go Down”. Now what are these so-called solutions? Let’s take a closer look. Many of the solutions are to stop purchasing gas for one day and the prices will go down. One of my favorite solutions was to just get a mountain bike with spinners and a sound system. Another popular solution is not to purchase gas from Exxon or Mobil in hopes that the companies with plummet in profits and they will lower the prices. Interestingly enough another group states that the best idea is to not purchase from Shell. Another group states to not buy from Citco. So let me get this straight. No one should buy any gas from any gas company and our problems would be solved. Okay, that might be an overstatement and is it going to work? How do you think?

Why We Need Higher Gas Prices?

Everybody seems to hate high gas prices. Every time gas goes up a few cents more, it makes the local news. People seem angry over it all because they feel that the oil companies are gouging them and becoming financially obese from the high prices. The notion that many seem to share is that we need cheaper gas, so that we can continue to drive and live as we normally do without the financial pressure of high fuel prices. What’s wrong with that? I suppose nothing is wrong with that, but there are a lot of ways to look at it. Perhaps my angle is unique, but I believe it’s the truth.

We’ve all taken notice of the recent clamor over global climate change. “Global warming” is going to lead to our downfall, or so we’re lead to believe. I personally do agree that global warming is occurring and that we should reduce emissions to counter it, although I also believe that our record of climate change seems a bit short term and so it makes it all a little bit sketchy. My attitude is “better safe than sorry.” But aside from climate change, burning fossil fuels like gasoline also puts something into the air that we see a lot sooner than global warming: smog. Particulates, in vehicle exhaust in particular, have ruined our air. Our major cities have become surrounded by layers of the stuff. Not only is it an eye sore, but it contributes to the breathing ailments of millions of people.

oil rig
oil rig

So how do gas prices relate to climate change and smog? My belief is that gas prices rising in the long term will spur people to drive less and buy more fuel efficient vehicles. We’ve already seen some of this occurring in the past few years. As gas prices have risen, the sales of more fuel efficient cars have also risen, most of the time. In general, compared with 2000 and 2001, the sales of SUVs have fallen back noticeably, despite the fact that American automakers have continued pushing them. Compact and midsize cars now seem to be gaining some popularity again. To be fair though, these trends have fluctuated as gas prices have fluctuated.

At some points, the argument on rising gas price may be too hypothetical. I don’t necessarily disagree except the people are not the strongest force – or if they are, they don’t know it. Everyone is mad about it when the gas price is going up, but no one knows what to do. It’s impossible to get the whole country to ride bikes or buy fuel efficient cars. I do not believe there is a scarce of oil. I believe that is just simply told to us. The only way that Americans will put their heads together is if fuel runs out. Higher gas prices lead people not to be able to go to jobs. Many areas of the US are spread out and people must drive to their jobs and make minimum wage. When gas prices are higher, these people will have no job and it will not be for a short period of time. I do believe the oil companies are gouging. Why? They raised prices in Florida and Louisiana during the hurricanes and profited billions. Their profit alone could probably pay for half our deficit.

If you are taking a bike ride to San Francisco and notice the gasoline selling for more than $6/gallon. Will you feel excited since you are not driving a car? And will you think this is going to encourage more people to sell their cars and riding bikes? Well, probably not. Why? This is simple, because habits die hard. Once people are getting used to something, it is not easy for them to change. Thus, you will see there will be more and more cars cramping the road and more fuel are going to consume.

Alternative Sources of Energy

High gas prices have prompted people to seek other sources of energy, and that’s a good thing, but we’ve suffered tremendously as a result. I think that the only good thing about high gas prices is that our country will be forced to explore its own natural resources. If there is such thing as global warming, it’s most likely caused by sunspots.

From news that released from many automobile manufacturers, many car dealerships are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the new hybrid cars and hope that the hybrids can help to reduce the demand for gasoline to power cars. More hybrids mean less gas consumption, which would eventually drive gas prices back down. However, the gas prices will have to get much higher before the consumer makes changes in their buying practices.

Final Thought

I would counter those argument by saying that without high gas prices, the people wouldn’t be demanding change in the first place and that “research & development unhindered by big government and big business to at least cut emissions in half” would not occur with enough energy to be fruitful unless it was so desperately demanded… because of high gas prices. The people are indeed the strongest forces, they just need to get mad enough to make change. High gas prices might cause some suffering, but people will only stand for it for a short time before demanding and making change.

Remember, High gas prices will affect everything, the food we eat, the lumber we need to build with, so does it make sense to applaud a strangle hold on our basic lifestyles? OR, can we better use research & development unhindered by big government and big business to at least cut emissions in half? Remember everybody will benefit by high gas prices except US – the people. Consider $5 or $6 or more a gallon, and $3 to buy an apple…or $200 to fill your smart cars, is that what we want..? Or should we use our heads?

Financial Planning for Tomorrow

General Retirement Planning

What you are making right now, today may be enough for the present. However, you’ll need to plan ahead for a secure retirement and the ability to maintain your lifestyle. First, you need to determine your financial goals — that is, how much do you need after your retire? Once you’ve determined that – how should you invest to meet those goals? The possibilities are practically endless so close examination of your options is essential. Here are a few items to consider.

financial planning
financial planning

Passbook Savings:
Most people are familiar with this. They are insured by the federal government, have set interest rates, usually require no minimum deposit and can be added to and withdrawn from whenever you want. Certificates of Deposit or CD’s come in various amounts and vary from one week to two years. They usually pay high interest rates however, there is penalty for early withdrawals. Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs, vary on minimum deposit requirements; have maximum limits and in some cases, you can deduct deposit amounts from taxable income. Mutual Fund accounts allow flexibility but you’ll need to determine your income growth needs in order to choose the right type for you. Bond Funds let you buy a diversified portfolio of bonds with varying deposit and maturity requirements. Stock Funds let you diversity your stock holdings, have minimum investment requirements and respond according to the stock market price changes. Treasury Bills are available in $10,000 increments for six month periods and are not subject to state and local income taxes. Take care in choosing your investment avenue. And the best way to begin is to seek out professional assistance.

Retirement Income Providers

What will be your source of income once you retire? Will it be employer funded retirement plan, social security or individual retirement or IRA plans? In reality, it’s best to plan on income from at least two if not all three of these sources to help ensure a secure retirement. Employer funded retirement plans usually consist of pension plans, profit-sharing or a combination of both. Pension plans typically include employee eligibility qualifications and guarantee a certain income upon retirement. Profit-sharing plans are different by the fact that the employer’s contribution to this plan is determined upon its profits. Social security is the retirement plan provided by the government. Social security provides monthly payments to qualified persons. These funds have been made available through contributions made by both the employee and employer by paying social security taxes. Individual retirement plans or IRAs allow you to make annual contributions to the plan. These funds come from your salary, wages or self-employment income — alimony can also be used. An IRA shelters your contributions from current income taxes. Contributions need to be made each year by your tax-filling due date and there is substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Take care in choosing your investments and remember that it’s best to seek out professional advice when it comes to planning your retirement.

How Much is Enough for Retirement?

There is no set amount. Each person needs to decide for themselves how much will be enough. First, decide on how much you’ll need to live on. Take into account what current costs are for housing, food, clothing, transportation, travel, entertainment, etc. You’ll need to make an “educated” guess on what those costs may be in the future — when you retire. Your life will not be the same at that time. You’ll probably need less.

For example: Your mortgage will more than likely be paid off, so your housing expense will be reduced. You may not need two cars anymore; your clothing expenses may go down if you’re not having to dress up for work. Do you plan to travel during retirement? If so, your travel expenses may go up. You’ll want to project at least a 4% a year increase on cost for these expenses to account for inflation. Once you’ve figured your expenses, you’ll need to project your income during retirement. Use the Rule of 72 to help you determine the growth of your portfolio. Divide whatever a conservative guest of your interest return per year. For example: 10% per year. Then divide 72 by 10. 7.2 is how long it will take to double your money. The only problem is that you don’t know how long you’ll live. The longer you live, the more money you need to estimate beyond what you expect your lifespan will be. Take care in choosing your investments and remember that it’s best to seek out professional advice when it comes to planning your retirement.

Getting Financial Aid from Your College

Assistance programs sponsored and administered by colleges and universities are an important source of financial aid. College-sponsored aid comes from two main sources: tuition revenues and contributions from private donors. Some scholarships and grants are based on demonstrated need. Others are awarded based on various pre-determined criteria other than or included with need, such as academic performance, field of study, special talents or abilities. Many campuses also offer student employment programs to help supplement finances through the Federal Work Study Program. Many times, these employment opportunities are offered based on skills, not necessarily on financial need.

For example: Laboratory assistants, business office aide or dorm advisor. Short term and emergency loans are typically available to all students. Repayment however is usually made during the academic year with low interest or no interest. Since qualifications and requirements vary greatly, it’s best for you to get information directly from the college being considered.

What is EFC

EFC means “expected family contribution”. It’s a financial term which describes what students and/or their parents expect to contribute towards college education. Planning in advance is especially important when you already know that affording college may pose a financial burden. When being considered for financial aid, there are formulas that are used to determine your EFC. The reason for the formulas is to estimate what is expected of you based on other families with similar financial circumstances and what the proportions will be from families that have stronger or weaker financial circumstances. EFC also relates to financial aid eligibility. The EFC amount is subtracted from the cost of attendance at a particular college which results in your “demonstrated financial need”. Your EFC won’t change from college to college, but the determined “need” will vary based on the cost of the chosen college. In other words, your determined financial need may be greater at a higher priced college and lower at a lower priced college. So, what is the best way to meet your EFC? Start saving early, or borrow it all when the time comes. You can even save some and borrow some. But the key is to have a plan on how you want to handle it.

What Types and Sources of Financial Aid is Available?

Many types of financial aid programs are available. Here are some of the most common: Grant or scholarships are aid that does not have to be repaid. Loans must be repaid but typically carry low interest rates. Repayment usually begins after you graduate or leave college. Student employment is a program where the college finds you work or you find it yourself and is funded through a financial aid program. Sources of financial aid include but are not limited to the following: Institutional Funding is usually available directly from the college. Many have their own scholarships and grants plus loan and work programs. These are usually funded through endowments and planned budgets. Federal financial programs may include campus based aid, federal Pell grants, federal Stafford loans, and federal parent loans for undergraduate students. Most states also have programs that offer scholarships and grants. Ask your guidance counselor for assistance. You may also find funding available through your local community and community groups such as community agencies, foundations, corporations, unions, religious organizations, clubs, civic, cultural and fraternal groups. Again, your guidance counselor can assist you. You may end up with one or a wide combination of these financial aid programs, so don’t let the cost of a particular college deter you. You can probably afford to go where you want if you fully explore your financial aid options.

Follow These Easy Tips to Ensure You Hire the Right Coder

Hiring a coder helps to reduce denials, maximize revenue and steers clear of audits – but trying to determine the right person for the job can be an issue. It is not an easy job to hire a coder. Since your coder will be the main person dealing with reimbursement and compliance related activities and coordinating with providers it is important you choose the right person for the job who will add value to your practice.


Follow these simple steps to ease the hiring process:

  • A coder can ensure that the claims being submitted are accurate and will garner pay. The coder will assess and convey the note and assign codes so that the providers work is reported correctly. As coding and billing is a tricky job, having a trained coder definitely helps. Also, coders keep themselves updated with all the coding, billing and regulatory changes so that the practice stays compliant and profitable.
  • It is important to be clear and specific with what your practice needs before you place an ad. A detailed job description which will include all the skills that you require in your coder needs to be outlined that is essential for your practice.
  • One needs to look at the best places to hire a coder for instance; one can start from looking at local chapters of national associations like American Association of Professional Coders or American Health Information Management Association.
  • One can hire new coders as well like coders at local colleges with medical coding and billing courses or degrees. Although some feel that hiring new coders with lack of experience is risky, the fact is upcoming coders are open to learning and are through with all the basics.
  • Asking the right questions during the interview is also important. This will help you to have a proper idea about who you are hiring and whether that person fulfills all the job requirements.
  • You can take the interview process a step further by conducting a small teat to check the coder’s capability. You can set up a practice specific quiz to check where the coder is good at and areas that can be improved by providing additional training if you decide to hire the coder.
  • You can also verify the certificates of the coder by visiting the website or calling the concerned department.
  • Conducting reference checks with previous employers to determine the performance of the coder is also a good way to avoid hiring the wrong person.



6 Inspiring Ways to Style the Interiors of a New House

“A good home must be made, not bought.” Joyce Maynard

Getting the keys of your new apartment for the first time is a cherished moment you dreamt of. Well, that’s natural. Now you’ve a place you can call home. However, the homely feel doesn’t come from day One. So, what does it take to turn around a house into something you can call HOME?

new house
new house

Here are a few ideas to add a personal touch…

Start with Green Ways – Add Plants and Flowers

Well-chosen plants and flowers in your house add a pleasant feeling to your interiors. They also act as a purifying agent for the air inside. If you don’t have gardening hands, you can know what’s best for your place from someone experienced. If you have limited space, you can use pegs to hang ivy plants in your balcony. Apart from plants, cut flowers in vases are also standard. When you come home after a tired day, they will soothe your senses.

Furnish with the Right Shades

The right choice of curtains and drapes helps the ambiance and style in your interiors. It is also a great way to churn out that unique personality for your dwelling. While selecting the curtain material, make sure you think about the weather, natural light and privacy where you intend to use it. Remember that it should be at least double the width of the window, offering sufficient folds for richness and elegance.

If you are on a tight budget, then it’s advisable to start slow – work with one room at a time. Instead of buying cheap furnishing material for all your rooms, you can utilize the money on quality furnishing for one room. After you complete, you’ll be a lot happier with the look and overall quality.

Make the Best Use of Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor space, it is a great opportunity! You can use the extra space to relax and enjoy the pleasant weather. For the best kind of utilization, you can either use a garden table or landscaping services for suitable plants and flower beds. With a little investment, you can even use the space for barbecues. All you need is to make a good seating arrangement and you can extend your life outdoors.

The Right Lighting

Lights play an important role in bringing a unique feel to your house. Don’t take lights just as a functional part. Use a mix of hanging lights, lighting shades and floor lamps to add to the ambiance. If you are using chandeliers, get the exact measurement before you install it.  Moreover, don’t forget to install dimmers to adjust the brightness.

Fill Empty Wall Spaces with Art Work or Photographs

House walls are the perfect canvas for you to make a personal statement. It could be art or some great memories with your family.

When you use the art work, remember to place it at the eye level. If you have multiple pictures to hang on the wall, do a test arrangement on flat surface. Try different placements, until you get the right combination.

You should read more on clustering pictures by understanding symmetry, line and balance.

Paint your Bookcase

Styling a dull bookcase with a fresh coat of paint or sticking colourful wallpapers on it adds an all new appeal. While applying paint, try to paint deeper shades than the wall colour. Also try a mix of accessories and personal mementoes to bring a personal character to the bookcase.

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Online Currency Exchange: Important Facts To Know

Planning An Overseas Trip? Convert Currency Now!

Whether you have decided to go overseas for your study or want to enjoy a beach holiday in Mexico, you have to convert currency to make small and big purchases. Before you go for the vacation, you should make sure to look for a reliable company who can help you exchange currency quickly.

currency exchange
currency exchange

There are many ways using which you can convert the currency and you may even purchase it online while you are on the overseas trip. Currency exchange has now become one of the most lucrative businesses, especially for the savvy Investors. With a little bit of research on the present economy, you can decide whether you should get into e-currency business or try out some other option else you can go through here.

How To Find A Reliable Currency Exchange Company?

The core objective of e-currency is to buy low and sell high. However, it can be a little difficult task for you to find the best e-currency service provider. There are many companies who can offer excellent exchange rates. It’s very important to read the reviews and testimonials before choosing any company.

If you can find a reputed and established company, you can be assured of the payments and also enjoy the benefits of additional services. Choosing a reliable company means that you won’t have to worry when you travelling abroad as they will do the conversion and send the payments quickly. This is one of the major reasons of the demand of e-currency companies in the market.

Do A Little Online Research

Before you randomly select any company, you should take some time to do a little bit of research online. Remember, you should always look for a licensed company as they can only assure you with safety payments. You can read the reviews of the company online and may also speak with the previous customers to know their experience. It can help you make the right choice.

What Other Options You Have To Exchange Currency?

You can convert currency easily using many options; airports, online, credit cards, ATM counters etc. All the mentioned resources can help you convert the currency quickly and easily.

Obviously, they will charge a small fee for the services but it’s actually worth it. The key is to choose the right resource which offers you with the best rate and also charge an affordable price for the services. Have a look at the following options to exchange currency:-

Airport Currency Counters

This is one of the most easiest and convenient ways to convert the currency as you can reach the destination easily. Although it’s the most convenient option, you may not get good rates from the currency counter in the airport. Therefore, you may look for an e-currency company who can offer the best rates.


Most of the banks or financial institutions usually offer currency to the tourists and travellers. You can either give them a call or may also order online to get the country’s currency where you are travelling. Keep all these excellent tips in mind to get your currency converted quickly.

Good luck!

Financial Planning That Will Not Make You Stall

At some point in your life you have tried to establish the first step in financial planning but unable to make it materialize successfully. Getting control on your finances is important in order for you to enjoy the value of your every penny. It is crucial to define certain goals and financial priorities in order to lay down an efficient money management process. With these financial planning tips, you will not stall on your financial goals and objectives.

financial planning
financial planning

Gauge your current financial condition

In order to plan more thoroughly on how to manage your income, it is necessary to understand your current financial standing. It is best to keep track of your debts and how much you still owe. You cannot enjoy a better financial health when most of your income goes to paying off your debts. This means that you need to set out your priorities by trying to cut down the interest payments for your debt and paying off the principal within a shorter period to make yourself debt free more quickly. However, consider your basic expenses such as for foods, utility bills and education and make sure that you reserve sufficient fund for them.

Setting your financial priorities

If you think that your income can meet all your monthly dues then you are probably doing alright. Your financial planning at this point will be to try saving some of your excess fund for the rainy days. Alternatively, some choose to spend the excess of their income from paying more than then they should for their monthly debt payment in order to accelerate paying out their debts in full. Writing down a list of your debts, regular expenses and other financial obligations and arranging them by priority will help you identify which you should pay first and to identify which expenses that you can dispense with as unnecessary.

Your financial goals are crucial

A financial goal is crucial in every financial planning. It helps you to understand which direction you want to take financially. Your goals will also help you learn to differentiate your wants from your needs and to focus which financial goals to pursue. There are some people who prefer to spend their income by investing on savings, property or insurance for better financial security in the future while others are nailed to pursue in making themselves debt free within a target period of time. How you define your financial goal will be crucial to your financial planning process, giving you better focus on how to pursue your goals.

Know your alternatives

Your financial planning should consists of plans A and B. This will give you more leeway on how you can handle your money properly and knowing the potential alternatives on pursuing your financial objectives. You should be able to evaluate alternative actions with consideration to your current financial standing, personal financial liabilities and general financial resources. Sometimes it is difficult to evaluate the risks and benefits on how you spend your money. Your best recourse is to research based on the outcomes of individual decisions made by others who have the same financial goals like yours and understand how they are able to successfully attain a stable financial health.

Constantly re-evaluate and re-plan your financial planning

It is helpful to practice a sound financial planning where you get to re-evaluate the outcome of your financial planning and the course of action that you took to attain it. In certain instances you might find that it is no longer feasible to pursue such goal owing to the changes in your financial condition. It is best to periodically re-evaluate your financial plans and check whether it is attainable, realistic and possible under your current financial situation to avoid finding yourself stalling in attaining your financial goals and objectives.

Claire Reed is a finance writer and web developer. Claire writes about No fee loans for 12 monthsBad credit loans no fees, bad credits, saving, finance planning, debt management and taxes.


The Biggest Wastes Of Money That We’re All Guilty Of

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Even the most ‘tight fisted’ people on the planet are guilty of wasting money and will probably waste cash in all manner of ways that could be avoided. The problem is our modern lifestyle which makes it all too easy to spend money without really realising it. Money these days is mostly digital – we never actually come into contact with it and it comes in and out of our accounts so fast that it’s hardly even possible to keep track of it all. What’s your balance right now? If you don’t know, then chances are you also aren’t keeping a close eye on all the money leaving your account that could have been saved. Just like everyone else…

Here then we will look at the ways that almost all of us are guilty of wasting money on a regular basis. By being more aware of these problems, you can opt to keep a closer watch on those money ‘leaks’ and ensure that you aren’t wasting cash unnecessarily. Read on to start saving money…


Not so long ago, energy costs were relatively negligible and it didn’t make too much of a difference whether you left the lights on or not. Unfortunately though that’s changed in a big way in recent times and lots of us have been hit by scary energy bills in recent times. It’s time to stop wasting energy then – leave your TV on standby overnight, or leave your phone charger plugged in when you’re out, and you may as well be literally frittering money out of the window. This site has a lot of energy saving tips to help you out.


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There are countless ways that we could save more money on transport and most of us don’t make the most of them. When you get the train for instance, have you got a rail card to benefit from discounts? Almost every rail network does them and they can save you a considerable amount if you use the train regularly. At the same time, if you’re making a one off journey but you know exactly where and when you need to be places, then you can save a lot of money by booking your journey in advance.

When travelling by plane meanwhile – in many cases you could save a lot of money by not taking on any luggage other than your hand luggage. Can you fit everything into a carry-on case? And of course when you drive there are countless ways you could save money – from driving in a more eco-conscious manner, to even topping up your fuel in the morning when the air is crisp. Because fuel expands in the heat you actually get more for your money when it’s cold!

Spare Change

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Most of us will waste an inordinate amount of spare change simply because we don’t want to have to carry it around and it’s too fiddly to pay for things with. I’ve even seen people throw away their small denominations which have to be the epitome of wasting cash.

To start making better use of it then, keep your small change in a pot and then spend it at a self-service machine when you next shop for groceries. Most supermarkets will enable you to drop your cash into a dish and will then count it all up for you.

Sticking With Your Bills

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Many of us will be perfectly aware that we’re wasting money on our various bills and debits but simply be too lazy to do anything about it. Almost everyone can save money on their phone bill, their internet and their TV simply by switching to a better provider but that involves hassle. Set aside a day one weekend to look into this and change over to the best deals you can find. Otherwise you will be falling prey to ‘inertia selling’ which simply means relying on you being too lazy to switch over.

When it comes to mobile phone contracts, there is another even more severe way that many of us will waste money – which is by joining a contract in order to get a ‘free’ or discounted handset. These offers seem like a good deal, but in the long term the premium contract ends up costing much more so it’s actually just a big waste of money. You’re better off coughing up now and buying the handset then getting the cheapest contract possible.

All these things could be costing you money without you getting any benefit in return. Make the changes advised and you can start saving money conversely without any change to your lifestyle.

This article is contributed by Frank Litt, an employee at Bentham IMF, leading providers of commercial litigation funding. Frank is passionate about graffiti and plans to hold an exhibition to showcase his work.