M&W Patterns Free Indicator MT4

I would like to talk about M&W Patterns (old fashionned Patterns) that are constantly drawn on Forex market. It happens on regular basis on low time frame like (M30 & H1). Patterns on higher TF are more reliable but it doesn’t happen that much (H4 & D1).

MW Tetris
MW Tetris

M&W Patterns are repetitive structure price left on the cycle move. A “M” Pattern is the way the market is producing a double bottom (creating a support zone) that could be interesting to look at. A Long opportunity can be detected there. On the opposite side, when market (chart) draws a “W” Pattern, it creates a resistance level which could be interesting to look for short opportunities. In the video, I show the W that happened. I entered short on the top of the W.

Since I got interested on these patterns, I have notice a particular point where market could also react. It’s in fact the Kel level to watch for further direction or time to reverse the initial position. I called it “CP” Center Point. It’s the middle price level of the structure of the pattern. In the video I placed Takeprofit on that “CP” level. Another great thing of this strategy is the Risk/Reward. SL is always tight as we are supposed to enter on support or resistance… if market goes into the opposite of the trade and so breaking out M base or W roof… it is pointless to keep alive the position.

I have created the M&W Pattern Indicator for MT4, so it draws the patterns on your chart and you get real time signals. The indicator can be downloaded for free until end of December 2016 on http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=541364.

Download the last version on Post 1. On August the last free version will be released.

It is also include CSA (Currency Strenght Analyser): A powerful tool that indicates in realtime the strongest currency vs the weakest currency. The total points is great to get an idea on how global market is volatile.

  • Minimum 60 to 80: Market is really quiet
  • 80 to 120: Could be not o quiet for some pairs
  • 120 to 170: Market is volatile (High news impacts market
  • over 170 to around 200 (Maximum seen so far): Global market is impacted and some pairs are really extended… huge spikes. Don’t go against the massive trend.

There are a lot of examples are presented into the thread, also on the blog (refer post 1)

Only set CSA = true for 1 chart only while using the Indicator.

I hope this indicator will help you to filter trades while using your own trading style.


5 Common Mistakes To Avoild While Investing

Whenever I had opted to go for any of the investment I find myself landed in the puddle of troubles and I feel that it does not happen to me only, we all feel the same. I am sure that after reading this fact many of you might have nodded your head into a yes. Actually what all really happens is that we make some foolish mistakes that come as a backfire on our own interest schemes? To get rid of all these problems we had gone through a survey and had come up with the list of mistakes that we commonly do.


Here are the investment mistakes that we make on a regular basis.

  • EXCESS OF PAYMENT: – Whenever we make any kind of payment we should keep this thing mind that the investment that we are going to make is worth of no more and no less. What all you can benefit is the amount that you are paying. So, you should avoid paying in excess in any of such investment schemes. You want cold, liquid cash that flows into your treasury to be spent, given to charity, or reinvested. If you pay a higher price than you will get a lower return and if you pay a lower price than you will definitely get a higher return.
  • GET EVEN WITH INVESTMENTS:Sometimes It happens that a very good investor also makes up making a bad decision about the investment and this makes you land into huge trouble. The biggest mistake that we all commit is that we don’t try to get even with the payments. If you want to get rid of it then the best thing is to be dispassionate about the investment that you are going to make.
  • SOLELY BASED PERFORMANCE:We always opt to go to the investors who are the top performers in the markets. Sometimes to work with the best proves out to be a bad idea. When we make a solely based performance the key feature that we should keep in mind is to evaluate that payment that we are going to make. Those who are going to make the investment should try to understand the reason of the impressive layouts. You might be clear about the fact that the things sold in attractive packets are not always good or in other words you can also say that everything that shines is not gold.
  • IGNORING TAX LAYOUTS:The way you hold your investment can influence your ultimate worth of net. It can be possible to reduce your payments that you send to the federal or state government while considering the growth of your capital income growing in a passive manner.
  • MIRROR SOMEONE ELSE INVESTMENT:To copy someone else lifestyle is one different thing but to copy them in the manner they are investing is something different. It can make you land into trouble because one who invests, invests according to their income but if we follow their terms than it will never prove out to be beneficial for us.

If you start avoiding these mistakes than you investments can come out to be something really pleasure filled for you.

Author Bio: – Christina has composed this article with help of her Finance expert team! Christina is young writer who is working on Finance them & she recently writes a article without her Finance expert team loans for business

Contribution of the Binary Options Brokers in Binary Trading

Binary trading has nowadays become the most profitable investment opportunity among the traders who are interested in online trading. In fact, any trader, who wants to earn good benefits within a very short time, for them binary options are the best options available currently in the financial market. With the starting of binary options trading, the very concept of online trading has changed all over the world. It is now not at all necessary to be cash rich for doing stock trading.

binary option
binary option

Earlier only a group of traders could invest in such trading but not all. But the scenario changed after the concept of binary trading options came into stock trading in 2008. Immediately the concept became popular because of the possibility of high returns and the use of modern technology along with the option of quick short term gain through short term investments are responsible for its popularity.

The best part of binary trading is that you can do the trading at any time of the day. No matter at what time or at what day, any trader can do the trading at any time. But then there are some rules that needed to be followed while doing the trading. No one should try out doing the trading alone. It is better to take the guidance of the experienced binary options brokers who are available in the market. This is because only these traders have the best and the latest knowledge about the financial market and the trends showed by the companies. Without these tips it is difficult to get good financial benefits.

There are many brokers who are extremely good in binary trading. Often there are various firms which have excellent understanding of the finance market. It is always better to go for a firm which has good reputation of customer service as well as fair idea about the needs of the clients. If a firm chooses a basic platform for its clients, then it is good to go for that firm. This is important because otherwise the trading area becomes confusing to the first time trader. A basic platform would always remove the fear of the customers. However, the platform also needs to be reliable too. Thus the good brokers always use basic as well as reliable platform. Since the binary option platforms are always web based and are not dependent on any program downloads, therefore they are extremely popular among the new traders. Also, the good brokers always let you invest, even when you are on move, with the help of the latest phones.

A good broker would always let the traders have good options for trading and that involves various types of assets. Also the good broker should give the trader, the privilege of using various ways in handling the business. Every broker should allow the trader to trade using the options such as above/below, boundary, and one touch.

Why We Need Protection From Securities Brokers

There are plenty of people who slave and work themselves like a locomotive to accrue savings that they can invest in stocks. They think that it’s their passport to wealth. So, with high hopes of a sizeable return of investments, they call a broker. In theory, a securities broker “is the mediating party between a buyer and a seller in a business transaction on the stock exchange. He or she brings together the investment opportunities and the investor.” Pay important attention to this next segment, “securities brokers provide the client with pertinent facts that would help them on their investment decisions.” But in reality, over the past few years investors have lost a total of 5.5 trillion cumulatively. With this kind of figure, most investors must start to question the standards upon which brokers execute their profession.

Securities Broker
Securities Broker

The truth is that many have been swindled in the world of stocks. Most people assume that because they’re entrusting a large amount of money their best interests will be taken to heart. Brokers are around money all the time, and what that does to people is make them greedy. Brokers work on a commission-per-sale basis. What happens is, they prioritize a bigger commission for large investments that may not actually work for the investor in the long term. This practice in the brokerage industry has given rise to the need of investors’ protection from bad business. Hence, we give you our 3 tips to protect yourself from greedy brokers:

1. Word of the day: fiduciary
Whenever you avail of a brokerage firm’s assistance, ask them what standard they operate under. There are two standards you should be familiar with. Most brokers work under the “suitability” standard which means that they sell investments that they think are “suitable” for the investor. Suitable, does not necessarily mean the best. Sometimes it means suitable for the client, best commission for the broker. On the other hand, a fiduciary standard requires, by law, that the financial advisors put the interests of the clients above their own. To know whether the brokerage firm operates under the fiduciary standard, ask them if they have a “Series 65” license.

2. Advisor or broker
There has been an on-going debate on who can best look after your money – a broker or adviser? In conjunction with the tip prior, we advised that you should look for professionals governed by the “fiduciary standard.” It is less risky to hire the services of an advisor than a broker because all registered advisors are bound by the fiduciary standard. To elaborate further, the fiduciary standard according to NYtimes.com is “a fiduciary responsibility is an ethical and legal requirement that the investor’s best interest comes first, not the adviser’s own financial gain.” Since it is a legal agreement, advisors who have failed to serve the best interests of their clients are punishable by law.

3. Successful investments require your due diligence
Whether or not you choose an advisor or a broker, what really helps is research. Dishonest professionals prey upon unsuspecting victims – those who have no working knowledge of what they’re about to dive into. If you plan on investing your money in stocks, learn their language. If you are too innocent in these matters you increase the risk of you becoming a prey. Yes, we do hire brokers and advisors because of their knowledge about the stock market, but you must also learn to help yourself make educated decisions.

Because of recent the roller coaster ride of the stock markets, it’s good that more and more people are keeping a stingy eye on Wall Street practices. The economy makes it hard to track progress for the stock markets, but don’t make money susceptible by being careless on choosing financial advice.

Author Bio:

Kristen Francis Willis is a Financial Consultant by Profession. From time to time, she does some side business with her photography skills. She loves taking pictures, capturing every moment means a lot to her. She’s currently building her reputation as an online writer with the help of PFMP.

Why a Condo is Not a Good Investment

Buying a condo might seem like a good idea if you’re on the edge of moving to your own home, especially from the financial angle, but there are some things you should take into consideration before doing so. The thing that will initially induce you into error is the initial buying price, which is significantly lower compared to other options, but have you even wondered why that price is so low? Here are some facts to why a condo is not a good investment:


1) Administration Fees

In an apartment building, a condo is just another brick in the wall, and that “wall” is not cheap to maintain. Besides the condos, the building also contains common areas, such as:

• Hallways;

• Elevators;

• Laundry Rooms;

• Swimming Pools or Exercise Rooms.

An administration fee is paid by every condo owner for the regular maintenance of these common spaces. This fee is usually compared to a credit payment but what people fail to take into consideration is that, while a credit is totally paid out at some point, with no further payments being necessary, this does not apply to the administration fee. You pay this fee as long as you live in the building and, added up to initial buying price of the condo, you’ll see that that “killer deal” you made initially is only killing your budget.

2) Privacy

Privacy is the second major disadvantage of living in a condo, or, to put it better, the lack of it. Come home at 2’o’clock in the morning and all your neighbors will know it. Listen to music at a higher volume and you’ll end up with the neighbor underneath or the one above knocking on your door. Not to mention the trouble you’ll have with kids running around or crying in the middle of the night. Still thinking of buying a condo?

3) Restrictions

What turns a house into a home is the way you personalize it, adapting it to your lifestyle and needs. While you’re mostly free to decorate the interior of a condo the way you like it, there’s very little or nothing you can do about its exterior. You’ll need the building administrator’s approval for any modifications you want to bring to the common area, which includes the space right next to your door. This means you won’t be able to change your door to a better-looking one, paint the outside walls in your favorite color or even add some flowers or decorations to enhance the atmosphere. Not quite the “home sweet home” feeling, is it?

4) Resell Value

Considering you’ve been living in a condo for a while and you want to move out you’ll face up another problem: resell value.

Unlike a house, a condo usually has a very low resell value, exactly for the reasons presented above. This detail is usually overlooked when buying a condo because it doesn’t have immediate repercussions but will leave a great hole in your budget when selling it.

By this point you should be pretty convinced why a condo is not a good investment, but what alternatives do you have?

Well, one thing is clear: if you want quality you should be willing to pay for it. The price difference between a condo and a house can be quite consistent but so are the advantages.

However, if you feel that buying a house is a bit out of reach for your budget, renting it can also be a good alternative. There are better solutions than investing in a condo; you just need to be willing to look for them.




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