Getting Retired Soon? Best Investment Options For You

Life after retirement

Retired life is a period meant for a life relaxation and quietness. It is a time when you want to live peacefully after a whole life of hard work. In such a period, it would be very depressing to not have a regular source of money. Financial planning done before and after retirement can easily help you solve all such problems. Here are some of the best investment options you can follow.


Before retirement

There are various options which help you to secure your financial position after retirement. Some of them are EPF, VPF, and NPS. EPF stands for Employee Provident Fund. It is compulsory for all companies having more than 20 employees. Both the company and the employee pay fixed percentages of money which is used later for the pension scheme. You also get a fixed interest on this amount. Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) allows you to increase your contribution to the EPF above the fixed sum that has to be paid. This is very beneficial if it is practicable because it will help provide you with additional help during your post-pension days. There are various other pension and insurance schemes introduced by the government as well as by private companies.You can also put your money into annuities and they will ensure that you get a fixed amount of money every month which would be almost like a salary after retirement. It is important to study all these available options and choose the one that suits your financial conditions. The more you are able to save and invest, the safer and more secure your future and old age will be.

Equities and mutual funds

These are options for people who had started their retirement planning earlier and have spare cash available after retirement. Investing in equities needs to be planned and diversified. Only then will it provide you with good capital gains in the long term. Investment in mutual funds needs to be calculated. There is the temptation of high profits but losses are equally probable in mutual funds. One huge loss may be enough to jeopardize all your retirement planning. It is very important to consider the risk factor. It is advisable not to go for mutual fund investments unless you have some experience in the field.

Treasury bonds

These can prove to be very useful if you are looking for security in investment. They will not give you as much returns as successful stock market investments can. But in your old age, when peace seems more important than a little extra money, it is better to play safe. So treasury bonds can be a good option because they will assure you of a fixed amount of return and will not require a lot of work.

Fixed deposits

You can go for fixed deposits if you are not willing to take any risk at all. Being a senior citizen, you will not only get a higher rate of interest but also other benefits when you invest in fixed deposits.

Binary options

If you choose the best binary options among the numerous available ones, it will be a very good investment. They will provide you with quick income and good returns. It is a short term investment which will also serve the purpose of keeping you a little busy during your retirement period.



Weigh Your Retirement Options

When the time comes for you to retire, what is your plan?  Is this a question you’ve asked yourself?  Chances are it’s something you haven’t considered beyond a destination to visit or time spent with family.  Most people don’t give retirement too much thought until one-five years before it happens.  The earlier you begin to plan your retirement, the better your life will be after it happens.  Consider where you want to live, trips you would enjoy, and what your finances will be like before it’s too late to change them much.
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Many people consider travel as a top priority when they retire, but then fall into one of two traps.  They either think that doing the research now may be a waste, since the landscape could change over time or think that picking a country or one location is sufficient planning for now.  For instance, France is roughly the size of Texas, but it is divided up into several unique regions.  Paris is a wonderful place to visit, but there is so much more that the country has to offer.  Take the time at your leisure to read travel books and talk to a travel agent.  Who knows, you may even find some places you’d like to visit before you retire.


Social security is not what it was for our grandparents’ generation.  These days, people need to have multiple sources of income if they are going to retire comfortably.  Meet with an investment broker or someone at your bank to discuss options for investing your money.  If your company offers stock options or a 401K, meet with someone in human resources to gather information about electing to put in some of your paycheck every pay period to your future.  You are never too young to begin planning for your future.


The older you become, the more you realize the need to downsize your home and live somewhere comfortable.  Priorities shift with age, and living among a community of people your age becomes important.  Florida has a large population of senior citizens.  Consider rental homes in Tampa as an option if you decide to live down there.  If you enjoy it, you may decide to invest in purchasing a property, or you may find renting is less stressful.  Discuss several options with your spouse or family as to where you could live upon retiring.

Planning ahead for retirement takes just a few hours here and there to process information and discuss with your family.  The gains, however, are very worthwhile.

Retire to a Park Home – Perfection

The time in your life when you can put away the office clothes, close up the pizza shop and get ready to spend the best time of your life…where? You are close to retiring and you know you can finally spend your days doing the things you did not have the time for in the corporate world. The only problem is you have not decided where you would like to spend your twilight years. Do you stay in the city with the hustle and bustle and traffic? Or, do you buy a home in the country, knowing that a drive of many miles stand between you and the amenities you have come to take for granted.

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Lincolnshire – the best of all worlds

One place in the country which has peace and quiet yet is a short distance from town is Park Homes for sale in Lincolnshire at You get the best of both worlds in the serene setting there. Town is close enough to enjoy that morning cup of tea, and yet the park is beautiful enough to keep you there too. The rolling hills at the Parks as seen from your own place are a joy to behold. You can sit and share a bench with a close friend or participate in the best garden competition. Maybe just enjoy a wonderful barbeque dinner with good conversation and laughs with others. Enjoy a stroll through lanes bordered by woods, revel in the simple sounds of nature or literally do whatever you want; it is after all your retirement.

Get excited

Oaklands-Grange has an assortment of possibilities for you when choosing a Park Home. Once you are excited about a potential move to the Parks, you can choose from an array of homes. You can choose by the layout, size and even price. You can sometimes even purchase a new home, which comes with a 12-year warranty. The house may already be on a plot already sized and prepared before becoming available.  Whether refurbished or brand new they apply the same principles in both workmanship and resources used. They urge prospective buyers to visit the Parks and not only inspect the houses for sale, but watch the renovation work as it happens.

If you seek you shall find

With a wealth of green grasses harmonized by aged oak and fir trees Oaklands-Grange has a peaceful environment and is the just the right place when you are looking for a calm sanctuary. Whether you are walking through the lane or enjoying a neighborhood barbeque, you can rest knowing your new home is safe and secure.

There are many retirement parks around the country but Lincolnshire has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ which attracts retirees. Maybe it is the bracing coast, the ancient market towns or the beautiful Wolds. Whatever the draw, you can be assured of the peace and quiet you seek in this ancient corner of England.

Anne Potter is a freelance writer and has researched retirement living for her mother. After looking at several retirement locations in the east of England Anne and her mother looked at Park Homes for sale in Lincolnshire at, they both knew that this is where her mother would be happiest in her retirement.

Releasing Equity is a Rewarding Decision for Retirees

Do you know the most common misconception among today’s retired professionals? The majority thinks that nothing can beat pension plans that can assure financial stability as well as lifelong security. Instead, there is a superb financial scheme in the name of equity release that has allured a lot of retired professionals till date. However, what most retirees question today is whether equity release applicants are required to quit their properties to enroll in these plans. In reality, the answer is ‘no’.

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Equity release – is it lucrative?

Nearly 95% of the retired personals in the United Kingdom either apply for lifetime mortgage schemes or home reversion mortgage plans every year. Well, if you are one of them, you can release a certain portion of the equity against your home and keep earning on a regular basis till the period you mention in the contract. Yes, of course you can continue to stay in your own property. However, if you wish, you can always relocate and even carry the plans along with you.

As mentioned earlier, lifetime mortgage has emerged to be a lucrative equity release plan in the last few years. So, if you are planning to take up this plan, here are some points to keep in mind. Take a look:

  • Since the equity you release along with the outstanding interest will be  repaid from your property after your death, lifetime mortgage will lessen your property value as well as the amount you will be passing on to your beneficiaries. So, it’s better if you talk to your property appraiser prior to signing the contract.
  • Conduct a market research extensively. Although it’s true that equity release has brought back happiness and lifelong security to numerous retirees, it might depict a different story for you. You might not be happy with the current interest rates offered by the equity release providers. Therefore, research well and make sure that you talk to someone professional who can help you know about the present scenario on equity release.
  • Talk to your family members. As mentioned earlier, equity release is a scheme that relates to your property. In fact, there are several schemes where you will be allowed to sell a certain portion of your home. Now, this might not be entertained by any of your family members. So, talk to them and confirm whether they agree with the terms and conditions of the schemes.

How can you benefit from Equity Release?

  • A flexible scheme assuring one to earn lump sums without paying taxes
  • One can utilize the cash no matter what is the reason
  • One will not have to relocate
  • There is an option of guaranteeing inheritance for one’s family members
  • Applicant can move to any property without paying any penalty

How an Equity Release calculator can help you?

If you are not able to calculate the right amount of releasable equity against your home, using equity release calculator will surely serve your purpose. For this, you need to insert the following details:

–         Present age of the applicante

–         Type of the property

–         Approximate value of the property

–         Location of the property

How To Invest Your Retirement Money?

Investing one’s retirement money is as important as saving in the younger days of one’s life to be able to have decent money during the old age. With passing time, inflation only grows, and one’s increasing expenses too can come in quite suddenly and unexpectedly at times.

retirement money
retirement money

These may primarily consist of health expenditures, but very often also include higher education expenditures for children, expenditures on marriages for children, shifting to a new home with one’s spouse during old age, having that one last foreign long vacation in life, and much more. However, to make sure that all of this is possible, and happens smoothly without any kind of problems, it is important to take wise decisions in terms of investing one’s retirement money.

Fixed Deposits and Bonds

For a duration of 3-5 years, most banks offer quite lucrative rates for Fixed Deposits. These are ideally the best, especially for those who are not too fond of taking risks, and do not wish to invest in avenues such as the stock market. The good thing about Fixed Deposits is that they can be renewed upon maturity, and in case of an urgent financial need, can be broken down at a reasonable penalty.

Bonds are also more or less a good option. Government issued tax-free bonds are best when they are at an interest rate of 8% or higher. Of course, the benefits totally differ from person to person; depending on what income tax bracket they happen to fall under, with all their retirement money.

Non-Governmental and Other Bonds, Deposits and Debentures

The market these days also has investment options of fixed deposits, bonds and debentures by many companies, and not just banks. Of course, the risk is higher in such cases, as one can never be too sure of the company. However, if it happens to be a reputed name, and has certain ratings, such as that of AA or AAA to prove their credibility, then the investments are totally worth making. One of the reasons why this option is good is because of an even higher rate of interest than what is offered by banks.

Ideally, one must not look at investing more than 10-15% of their income portfolio in this area, as bonds and debentures may still have a higher risk of redemption mid-tenure (unless one is aware of bond price movements), as compared to fixed deposits.

Building Assets

This is not recommended for all, especially for those whose income portfolio is quite low. As long as one is sure of the fact they have enough money to survive for the rest of their lives, with a slight buffer too, they can use their surplus income to invest in areas such as Real Estate. These of course, have more personal goals attached to them too, wherein people want to leave assets behind for their children. Apart from that, investments in Gold can also be looked at.

Overall, the idea is to create wealth and assets, which will either come in handy in times of need, or will be left behind as useful back-ups for the younger family members.

Guest post written by Molly Biggs from pay day loans. She has been working as a finance blogger and helps people get rid of all their financial dificulties through her website.

5 Tips When It Comes To Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is one of the most critical tasks people have to do today. As the name may suggest, this is a task that will help you decide how you will live life once you are unable, or unwilling to continue working. Retirement planning entails making considerations on several factors including the age at which you plan to retire, the amount of money you will need to cater to your living expenses, and the things that you will do the moment you will retire, and of course where your money will come from once you retire.

retirement planning
retirement planning

In simple terms, retirement planning is putting your finances in order for the future. The process of planning for your retirement is as simple as creating a retirement plan and sticking to it through depressions, markets ups and downs, recessions, and all else that may arise in an uncertain and unpredictable world. Here are some important tips to get you started.

It is already Late to start planning for your retirement

One of the most basic tips when it comes to retirement planning is to assume and believe that it is already late to start saving money for your sunset years. Rather than assuming there is still time to save, it is always advisable that you start planning as early as you possibly can. You do not have to be profitable to start saving for your retirement; using your projected retirement age, you can be able to plan ahead accordingly.

Set your Budget

By the same token, you need to create an investment plan once you start earning. This you do by setting a budget of the minimum amount of money you can afford to channel towards your retirement kitty, and defining the frequency at which you should be doing it. If you are employed in the main stream industry, you can be doing it on a monthly basis out of your salary, or you can opt to do it on a quarterly or bi-annual basis if you are in business.

Diversify your investment portfolio

It goes without saying that retirement planning i.e. saving money for your sunset years is considered a form of investment. In order to plan for your retirement effectively, you will need to diversify your investments. You can consider investing in real estate, stocks and bonds, private equity, commodities etc.

Are you aware of taxes on your retirement planning kitty?

The other important tip to know about retirement planning is taxation. When you invest in a qualified retirement plan such as 401k or IRA, you can be guaranteed that they are tax-efficient ways of saving money for your sunset years. Most of these plans allow one to make pre-tax contributions or tax-deductible contributions depending on the plan selected. The last thing you would want is to invest your all only to find a huge chunk deducted by the time you start to claim your retirement package.

Professional assistance

Looking for professional help when planning for retirement is a great tip that should never be over looked! Working with a professional financial planner will help you put your finances in order so you can get the most returns can be generated form your retirement investment kitty, while structuring the withdrawals or payments in a way that gives enough financial support without affecting the retirement kitty.

Resolve your Post Retirement Debt Burdens at Best

Are you standing at the threshold of your retirement and thinking about how to get rid of the mortgages? Well, it becomes quite difficult to manage with this kind of a situation after retirement, because retirement comes with multiple financial troubles. Yes, you come to the end of your professional life, your salary reduces to a minimum pension amount and your ways of earning are closed. So, how will you pay off your debts?

retirement debt
retirement debt

In such circumstances, all what you need is a systematic approach towards your financial life.

Start saving

If you keep on saving a good amount of money from the beginning of your professional life, you can easily deal with all these problems of post retirement life at best. If you have a good amount of bank balance, you can easily pay off all your outstanding debts.

However, it becomes quite difficult to save, because people tend to spend more amounts than what they can actually bear. So, you must take care of certain things, like-

  • You should not spend greater amounts behind unnecessary things.
  • You should make a budget and spend according to that.

Now, when it comes to paying off the mortgage installments, you cannot neglect because it involves your property in the deal. Therefore, accumulating a good amount of money is a must, so that you can pay all the installments right on time. Applying for an income annuity scheme can be really helpful for you.

  • Annuity is a retirement plan which helps you save now and enjoy a secured life after retirement.
  • From your salary you can deduct a certain amount every month. It will help you gather a good amount for your upcoming future.

The amount you get by applying to an annuity scheme can be used for anything you want.

  • You can use a small part from the repayments to pay off your mortgage installments right on time.
  • You can bear your household expenses easily which becomes difficult when you are left with only a little pension amount.
  • You can maintain good credit scores that help you get other financial help in future.

So, are you all set to apply for an annuity scheme now, and then you should follow the steps mentioned below, like-

Contact a financier

Your financier is the right person to discuss about the scheme at best. He can definitely help you choose the best and get better returns at ease.

Use an annuity calculator

In this matter, often using an annuity calculator turns out to be the best tool. It helps you know the approximate amounts you can get in return. Even you can compare the schemes available to pick up the best as per your requirements.

There are different income annuity schemes available, which offer different facilities to the retirees. Therefore, you must stick to the plan which offers you better returns. However, always decide properly before you apply.

Now, apply for getting an annuity scheme and resolve all your post retirement debt burdens in a better way.



Plan Up to be Financially Strong after Retirement

Is your retirement approaching soon? You must be worried about your financial security, then. However, you will have plenty of time in your hands to do whatever you want. You can go for a holiday in your dream place or spend your spare time doing some interesting activities which can keep you involve. For all these, you will be in a need of a good amount of money in hands, which after retirement becomes difficult to manage. Yes, once you get retired, you will be left with no job or salary. So, how will you manage all these expenses?

retirement financial
retirement financial

What you need is a proper planning to cope up with all the post retirement expenses in a better way.

Go for savings

You must start saving before you get retired. When you are working you should adopt this habit, it will help you accumulate a good amount of money for your retired life.

  • You should stop wasting money behind maintaining a luxurious life. Know the difference between necessity and luxury. Spend only for your necessities. It will help you save a lot.
  • You must plan up your budget in a systematic way. You should spend lesser amount than what you actually earn. It will help you save a good amount.
  • You can apply for having a retirement plan. It will help you save in an error free way.

When it comes to save good amount of money for your post retirement life, nothing can be better than annuity.

Yes, contact your financier now and ask him about the annuity schemes available. Since different schemes offer different facilities, you must know about these retirement plans before you apply to any of these. According to your requirements, you must choose the plan that suits you the best.

What is an annuity all about?

When your retirement is about to come, you must prepare well. Annuity helps you to be prepared at best.

  • You save money for your retired life.
  • When you are working it helps you save money for the life, when you won’t be working.
  • After your retirement also, your income doesn’t stop.
  • You continue to get a fixed income until you die.
  • In fact your family gets death benefits.
  • You get to live a secured life.

There are 2 main types of annuity schemes available,

Fixed annuity

It offers the annuitants a fixed rate of interest for securing their post retirement life. In fact, no matter whether there is inflation or recession, annuitants get good income.

Variable annuity

It helps retirees enjoy a good return because with the growing market, the annuitant continues to get greater returns.

Now, when you are all set to apply for the annuity schemes to make sure that you save better for securing your post retirement life; you must use an annuity calculator. It will help you know what you can get in return.

Since, your post retirement expenses are great issues; you must plan up for it now because the better you plan the better you live.


Release Your Mind Of Monetary Crisis After Retirement

Everyone one dreams of living a relaxed life after retirement. A time which they can spend doing the things they want. Relaxing, reading, travelling, returning to hobbies that were left incomplete in the rat race, gardening, doing thing that make them happy. But, they must also make sure whether they have enough savings or enough pensions to support the kind of lifestyle they want to lead. They also have to make sure whether they have enough money to solve any sort of medical or non-medical crises.

retirement piggy bank
retirement piggy bank

If not they can release equity on their house or property to gather or arrange for immediate funds or money. But there are one cannot release equity without fulfilling certain criteria. The criteria they have to fulfill are as follows:-

  • You must be of a certain age (differs from place to place) when you decide to release equity on your property.
  • You have to be retired from work.
  • You must be the owner of the house or property you wish to release equity on
  • The house cannot be damaged or in a bad condition when you wish to release equity on it. If it is then it has to be repaired before you release equity on it.
  • The property or house should not have any outstanding debt or mortgage on it and
  • At the time of releasing equity the house should have a standard valuation in the market.

On the release of equity on a property one will still gold the ownership of the property till death and still get a lump sum at one time based on the value of the property at the time of equity release or they may get the amount in monthly installments, assuring a flow of money till they die. They will also get the benefit of staying in the house till death. Along with these advantages there are a few disadvantages as well:-

  • You will not be able to leave behind the property to any heir or beneficiary and
  • Once equity release on property is made you will not be able to sell the property.

However, this can be overcome by either returning the amount received to the company so that you can pass on the property to a beneficiary and you can also release equity on a part of the property and sell the other portion. Another advantage is that the rate of interest is higher for people older. The older you are the more interest you will get on the property.

If you are planning to Equity release on property it is advisable to go to a reputed company so that your property remains in good hands while you’re alive and you still have the surety of getting your money at regular intervals without fail.

Equity release on property is a good way of assuring a good flow of money after retirement and in old age. By this plan there will be no monetary crisis after retirement.

Author Bio

Here the author shares information about equity release on property. The criteria are mentioned. The advantages and disadvantages are discussed. And one of the solutions to monetary crisis after retirement is talked about.

Do You Have Concerns Over Your Retirement Income?

pension calculator

Have you considered how much you need when you retire?

For many of us, retirement saving is overshadowed by more pressing day to day needs and so we often place it in the back of our minds and think we will consider it later. Saving for your retirement can seem too far away, however, pensions are deliberately designed as long-term savings to secure your future and there is therefore no better time to start than the present.

Spending a little bit of time pension planning can make a huge difference to your future and security. For many people, using a pension calculator is the first step towards understanding what they already have invested and how much they will need to save over time.

The Clearer Picture

A pension calculator can help estimate retirement income and therefore provide a clearer picture of what to expect in retirement. Adjusting minor changes in the pension calculator fields, such as how much you expect to save each month or how long you expect to work, can demonstrate the vast difference that small contributions can make.

Using a pension calculator can also be a wake-up call for some savers who have been lax in their retirement savings. This is because seeing your potential retirement income in black and white can have a motivating effect and depict what seems to be a faraway concept into a consideration which is actually looming quite quickly.

Remembering That Calculators Are Just The First Step

retirement vacation

It is important to remember that pension calculators can only provide you with an estimate of how much your pension will support you in retirement. This is meant to be a guide for savers who may learn that they are putting £100 away each month when they really need to be saving closer to £200 per month in order to reach their ideal retirement income. Since these types of calculators can only be used as a guide, your eventual retirement income could be less or potentially more than what you initially predicted. It is always important to also consider other tools, such as investment performance indicators and counsel from an independent financial advisor in conjunction with your own research to place you in the best position for your future.

Get a Head Start

It is important to begin to considering your pension as early as possible. Pension savers should be sure to take inflation into account, as well as unforeseen expenses such as home or car repairs. Once armed with this information, a pension calculator can help you better understand whether you are doing enough for a comfortable retirement, or whether you need to adjust your contributions while you still have time.

Nadia Narayan of believes that it is important to start to save early for your pension to assist in having a secure and comfortable retirement. She advises that using a pension calculator gives you a foundation to know what you should expect to save for your future.