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We are a group of qualified and experienced experts in the field of finance. We are professional in mortgage consultation that able to provide you with expert advice for you to identify the right housing loan, personal loan, mortgages, retirement plans and also refinancing your property to be able to meet your personal needs.

We would hope that we are able to become the leading finance site on the internet and can progressively lay a hand to support the current and future capital market development as well as financial sector in the region.

All people needs a home as it’s one of the fundamental necessities besides water, food, and outfits. Therefore, we all need to get a shelter in order for us to live no matter if you might be a house owner or a tenant. Buying a dream house will be the ultimate goal for all of us.

We should fully utilizing the leveraging power when come to buying a house. You can only pay for 10% down payment, and have the financial institution to lend you the 90% loan for the money that you need to pay for the house. Which mean you’re actually using other people’s money to buy the house that you want! This can be an extremely powerful approach to make use of money to turn into wealthy in short time.

By residing and having a career in the community that we serve, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the region.

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi,
    I like to refinance my property in Kelana Jaya. It is Condo and market price around RM400k. I need your advice which bank provide lowest BLR rate.

  2. Which bank give the longest tenure for hosuing loan?
    Can I get refinance without going thru the
    valuation process to save some money on this?


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